Local Environmental Plan 2010

Tumbarumba Shire's Local Environmental Plan 2010 was gazetted on 30 June 2010.

The Plan is accessable at the Legislation website at this link.

Aims of Plan

(1)  The Plan aims to make local environmental planning provisions for land in Tumbarumba in accordance with the relevant standard environmental planning instrument under section 33A of the Act.

(2)  The particular aims of the Plan are as follows:

(a)  to develop local planning controls that manage human settlement, rural activities and the natural environment in a manner that contributes to the unique quality of Tumbarumba,

(b)  to encourage development that supports the long term economic viability of the local community,

(c)  to ensure development is undertaken in a manner that mitigates impacts on the natural environment,

(d)  to encourage development that promotes positive social outcomes for the local community.