Development and Construction Forms

Consent is required for most building and construction activities in the Tumbarumba Shire.  A development application is required before any building work is commenced.

Council has Development Control Plans for different areas of the Shire. Further information on Council's DCPs is available here.

 Most types of building, subdivisions, and demolition work requires a Development Application (DA)  to be submitted to Council for approval. Before you make any changes to a building or occupy new premises, you need to check with Council whether the proposal is "Complying Development" and requires the consent of Council.

Some minor works called "Exempt Development" may not require approval provided it meets certain criteria included in the Tumbarumba Shire Council's Exempt Development Control Plan 2000.

All other development requires the submission of a Development Application with Council.  

Contact Council's Environmental Services Department for information regarding the following:

  • Whether a Development Application is required for the work proposed;
  • Whether the proposal is permissible;
  • How Council's codes and policies may affect the proposal;
  • To obtain copies of the information necessary to submit a Development Application.

 Application for Development form (PDF - 48.78KB)

Application for Construction Certificate.pdf (PDF) (66.06 KB)

Application for Complying Development Certificate (PDF - 193.44KB)

Application for an Occupation Certificate (PDF - 42.63KB)

Notice of Work and Certificate of Compliance (Plumbing and Drainage) (PDF - 366.68KB)

Drainage Diagram (PDF - 81.62KB)

Application to Modify a Development Consent (PDF - 56.54KB)

Install Manufactured Home Section 68 Approval (PDF - 32.55KB)

On-site Sewage Management System Application (PDF - 27.87KB)

Installation of Rural Access Application (PDF - 7.45KB)

Application to Instal Combustion or Oil Fired Heater or Gas Heater

DA/CC Application Checklist (PDF) (78.99 KIB)

Fire Safety Statement (PDF) (29.2 KIB)

Moveable Dwelling Application Checklist (PDF) (142.85 KIB)

Notice of Commencement of Building or Subdivison Work and Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority.pdf (PDF) (28.77 KB)

Principal Certifying Authority Application Form.pdf (PDF) (32.94 KB)

Principal Certifying Authority Service Agreement 2014 (PDF) (153.58 KB)