The Local Government area of Tumbarumba Shire Council was originally proclamed on 6 March 1906. The Council has eight Councillors who are elected for 4 year terms with the next Local Government Elections to be held in September 2016. Council meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month and the agenda and business papers for those meetings are available here .

Profiles and contact details for all Councillors are available below.

Council's Mission Statement

Tumbarumba Shire Council will provide leadership and support to communities across the Shire through the effective provision of infrastructure and needs-based community services.

Council's Vision

Tumbarumba Shire will be a vibrant, caring, safe, secure and progressive community with a vigorous economy, where residents experience a good quality of life in a beautiful and sustainable environment.

Council's Goals and Objectives:

Theme 1 - Maintaining Our Strong Community

Tumbarumba will remain a strong and caring community where the aged, the young, the less advantaged and others can pursue satisfying and healthy lifestyles within their community.

Theme 2 - Economic Development

The lifestyle, well-being and employment of those living and working in Tumbarumba will be assured through the maintenance and further development of a vibrant, robust and diversified local economy.

Theme 3 - Sustainability of the Environment

The sustainability and enhancement of the environment will be a major priority in all aspects of social, community and economic development.

Theme 4 - Action through Leadership

The community's vision for the future will be realised through effective leadership and governance. The diagram detailed below shows the relationship between the themes and the Community Vision.