About the Shire

The Tumbarumba Shire has a wealth of history and heritage, is abundant in natural beauty, and is a wonderful place to live and visit.

Tumbarumba Shire is located on the south western slopes of the Snowy Mountains, 504km south west of Sydney and 701 metres above sea level.

Rich grazing land, horticultural activities, native bushland and views of the magnificent Snowy Mountains including Mt Kosciuszko surround the Shire of Tumbarumba which includes the towns of Khancoban and Tumbarumba and the villages of Rosewood, Jingellic, Tooma, and Laurel Hill.

Tumbarumba Shire has a rich heritage including gold, timber, agriculture, and the Snowy Mountains Scheme and is becoming increasingly known for its "cool climate" wines.

The Shire has a strong community sentiment, everyday facilities and services, and thriving industries.